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Did you know the U.S. Federal Government is the world’s FORTUNE #1 business? Billions of procurement dollars are running through U.S. Government contract vehicles that use task order proposal submissions to select their service providers. Are you struggling with how to take advantage of the GWACs and IDIQs you’ve already won? Do you have adequate resources you need to position your company effectively and respond to multiple concurrent task order RFPs? Do you have a well-oiled task order “factory” in place, or is every task order submission a major ordeal for your team?

1. Are your company’s GWACs and IDIQs underutilized?

We can help you build a pipeline of task orders for the next 3 months to 3 years that maximizes your win potential:

  • Describe how well you’re using the IDIQ in comparison to other firms
  • Develop a list of potential IDIQ task orders bids that will maximize your win potential
  • Set up search agents and watch lists to keep you informed of changes in a bid’s status

2. Are your subcontractors underutilized or do you need new subcontractors?

We can help you re-engage with subcontractors on bids of mutual interest and identify new subcontractors to fill gaps:

  • Identify bids where your current subcontractors can fill gaps and bring added value
  • Identify new subcontractors that fill gaps or can add value to a current bid

3. Have you positioned your company to win a task order?

We can help you raise your visibility to customers and contracting officers by helping you write white papers, responses to requests for information (RFI), and presentations that will get their attention:

  • Conduct market research to justify the use of your IDIQ
  • Write RFI responses that position your company as a contender
  • Develop questions to collect customer requirements
  • Write white papers to influence the statement of work, instructions, and evaluation criteria
  • Develop value propositions to validate solutions with customers

4. How do you know where you stack up against the competition?

We collect ethical public information that helps you quickly assess your competition and make efficient bid/no bid decisions:

  • Profile your most likely competitors
  • Assess how their past performance and key personnel stack up
  • Identify your competitors’ likely strengths and weaknesses

5. Do you have the winning solution?

We can help you develop solutions that maximize your strengths and distinguish your bid using our strengths-based solutioning approach:

  • Help collect customer requirements
  • Identify the characteristics of the winner from the customer’s perspective
  • Identify your potential strengths and discriminators
  • Build your solutions based on a core set of strengths backed by proof points

6. Do you have the proof points to validate your strengths?

Busy managers and technical subject matter experts (SMEs) often don’t have the time to generate past performance summaries. We can work with your project managers and technical SMEs to generate useful past performance summaries and proof points that will distinguish your company:

  • Help your project staff develop past performance summaries and proof points
  • Help key staff members develop resumes that attract customers
  • Develop key company facts that can be used in numerous bids

7. Do your reviews generate the right feedback needed to produce winning proposals?

Our Seven Quality Measures can help you acquire the feedback you need to improve your proposal:

  • Train staff how to write more effectively and conduct better reviews
  • Plan and conduct bid reviews and aggregate review comments
  • Set up and support a recovery strategy

8. Can you respond to multiple concurrent task orders?

We can provide the resources you need to respond to multiple concurrent task order RFPs or provide an ongoing task order RFP response team for you:

  • Capture Managers
  • Proposal Managers
  • Writers/Editors
  • Desktop Publishers

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