Bid Management and Task Order Writing

We can provide a full Bid Management and Task Order service. This can include:

  • Deconstructing the client specification to help inform your Bid / No Bid decision
  • Identifying the tasks / deliverables involved to ensure a timely, well-crafted submission
  • Project managing the tender writing process including chairing the Bid Kick-Off meeting
  • Helping you get really clear on Win Themes, USPs and Differentiators
  • Managing the Clarification Process including providing recommendations on how, when and what questions to ask the client
  • Chairing regular Progress Meetings / Calls to ensure that the project team have opportunities to come together to discuss the bid
  • Facilitating Blue (initial draft) and Red (final draft) reviews as required
  • Handling the final submission (hard copy or electronic submission) following timely receipt of your sign-off
  • Providing a Debrief Report with suggestions on steps you can take to get ready for future tender writing projects

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