Bid Specialists Strategy Advice

Our bid specialists and tender specialists will meet with you to discuss your approach to bidding and how this links to your overall business development strategy. We can provide a Report which can cover the following:

  • Our bid specialists and tender specialists review your recent bid activity with recommendations on how this can be strengthened
  • Examination of Debrief Feedback from clients, including suggestions from our bid specialists and tender specialists on how you can address this
  • Consideration of your market place including emerging trends, especially in what is becoming important for your clients
  • An external perspective from our bid specialists and tender specialists of how your company is positioning itself in the market place, including what your website is saying about you
  • Help with unlocking the benefits that can come from a strategic approach to bidding, including an understanding of how the public sector likes to do business from our bid specialists and tender specialists
  • View on the role that accreditations, awards, testimonials, networking, exhibitions and conferences can play within a business development / bidding strategy
  • An Action Plan to help ensure that agreed changes are put in place in a SMART way with clearly allocated responsibilities

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